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Cheska has been working with bodies for over 20 years. She originally trained in contemporary dance at the Paris Conservatoire and later in European classical acting, at Drama Centre London, where the training was heavily rooted in Carl Jung’s theories. She went on to work in movement direction, which integrates the physical body and mind. Four years ago she became a certified yoga teacher, training in anatomy, yoga and Ayurveda. Cheska believes in a systematic approach when it comes to applying yogic traditions to modern bodies. Her style of coaching incorporates practices that integrate BodyMindLife. She combines coaching techniques; yoga and breath-work, alongside aspects of psychology, physiology, anatomy, diet, and interoception. She uses many of these aspects when movement directing, which makes her direction lasting and deeply grounded within the actor and world of the production. In 2021 she created a home for the work she was already doing with clients and founded Integrated BodyMindLife Coaching. Her method can used to coach adults, adolescents and children. The benefits can be applied to self-actualisation, professional training and relationship-enrichment, all leading to enduring health practices and a balanced BodyMindLife. 


"Congratulations on the successes you are having with a coordinated approach to physical and mental health, it's impressive that you are managing to achieve these results with your international clientele!"

Ed Bullmore - Head of Psychiatry | Cambridge University 

United Kingdom 

In six months of sessions Cheska has provided me with a wide range of tools to help me navigate various mental and physical challenges of every day life – from nutritional advice to help deal with gut problems, to breathing exercises to combat anxiety and physical exercises to improve posture and core strength. Her incredibly in-depth and far-reaching knowledge of the mind and body has the potential to help anyone looking to improve their health / life - in both the short and long term.” 


Bethany -  Editor

United Kingdom

“The things I learned from Cheska's coaching are super useful: sometimes I feel a lack of energy, tired and I can easily fall into negativity. In these times, I retrace all the principles I learned in my sessions (core, breath, energy, diet etc.), and doing the Sun Salutation I find again my alignment and equilibrium. So thank you again for everything.." 


Andreas - Actor 


Please go and have your body and mind turned upside down, it will change your life, as it has changed mine!


Kat  - Lightsmith 



"Cheska is an excellent movement director, whose overall knowledge is quite outstanding. She has real warmth, energy and focus and is fabulous to work with."

Ian Rickson - Director 
United Kingdom

"I had hired Cheska as my assistant because of her reputation as an expert in period dance and music. This reputation of expertise, has been rightly earned and she is an excellent collaborator."

Caroline Pope - Movement Director 
United Kingdom


"It is essential that a movement director be equipped with not only a creative sensibility, but also a practical understanding of how to safely and effectively work with a company to facilitate the staging of a theatrical production. A good movement director can make a significant contribution to the quality of a production while ensuring the safety of both cast and crew.

Through her extensive portfolio of international work as movement director, Cheska evidences these skills to a high standard."

Souvlis - Sydney Theatre Company

"Cheska’s internationally distinguished experience in movement has been achieved from her extensive work in performance, directing, choreographing, teaching and her own training with great movement directors from Sweden, Russia, France and the USA. She has a unique ability to creatively rework the old and pioneer the new."

Julia Cotton - Movement Director 


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