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Working collaboratively for a lasting recovery from adrenal fatigue.

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • £950 - 10 session
  • This course is available online.

Service Description

What is adrenal fatigue? Adrenal fatigue is an umbrella term for a group of symptoms caused by poorly working adrenal glands. After long periods of stress, or shorter periods of intense stress, the adrenals “fatigue", leading to a chronic imbalance in the adrenal hormones. This can cause fatigue, issues with concentration, sleep disturbance, weight gain or loss, a weakened immune system, and an inability to handle stress well. Aside from physical symptoms, adrenal fatigue has a profound impact on emotional and psychological health, effecting: relationships, social life and work. In more acute cases, an individual may have difficulty getting out of bed for more than a few hours per day. Why adrenal fatigue is misdiagnosed or not diagnose at all: In the past, doctors’ used a combination of observation, physical examination and deductive reasoning, alongside tests to diagnose a patient. However, now many doctors rely heavily on narrowly interpreted lab tests in combination with a list of numerical diagnoses. Drugs and surgery are usually the only therapies offered by modern medicine. If there is no known surgical or drug treatment for a problem, then the condition often does not "exist". Where adrenal fatigue is recognise: Fortunately alternative medicine and more health professionals are now acknowledging the existence of adrenal fatigue as a real health condition and thanks to the continuing efforts from doctors and naturopaths such as Dr. James Wilson, Dr. Michael Lam, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Mehmet Oz and many others there is now more awareness about the condition amongst conventional medics. How to start to heal from adrenal fatigue: Hirer Cheska as a project manager, aka an adrenal fatigue coach and she will assist you in finding and translating information on Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome by: Finding a doctor who can diagnose you. Recommending a naturopath who will proscribe the right vitamins and diet to aid recovery. Supporting you in finding the right psychotherapist. Teaching you breath-work that will calm your system. Helping you implement and stick to your healing diet. Creating a sleep hygiene programme for you. Designing an exercise programme that your'll enjoy. FEES: UK: £950 / EU: €1106 / AUS $ 1,678 - 10 sessions Integrated Adrenal Health, is a holistic approach to rebuilding your physical, mental and hormonal health by creating a balanced BodyMindLife.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule: Full refund: 1 week before. 50% Refund: 48 hrs notice. No refund: 24hours or less notice.

Contact Details

+44 (0) 779-228-3353

London, UK

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