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Private 6 x 30min Breath-Work Classes: Breath, Body & Voice.

  • 30 min
  • £150 - 6 sessions
  • This course is available online.

Service Description

Everyone can breathe, right? To a certain degree yes - if they couldn’t they’d be dead. However, the breath we are born with is not always the breath we breathe as children, teenagers and adults. What was the breath we started out breathing like and what did it do? The breath we are born breathing is known as the belly breath and makes up the first step in a three-part breathing system. This breath is slow, calm, deep and restorative. This breath is the foundation of a calm mind and still body. It is the beginning of meditation. It is the breath that powers the core for a strong body. It is the breath that reduces cortisol, lowers blood pressure, aids the prevention of premature ageing, switches on immune stimulating genes, among many other things. Why doesn’t the breath we are born with stay with us? Many reasons cause our breath to rise up into our chest, from complex trauma right through to body image issues where we don’t want to let the belly relax. This shallow breath triggers anxiety and in severe cases panic attacks, digestion problems, acid reflux, to name but a few. How easy is it to re-learn how to breath properly? Re-learning to breathe can be achieved effectively in 6 weeks: with six half-hour sessions and a quarter of an hour homework each day. Is there scientific data to back this up? A new wave of scientific research by major medical researchers such as Cambridge University, Harvard Medical School, University College Los Angeles Medical School and the Mayo Clinic are all just beginning to confirm many of the benefits found in traditional yogic breath and meditation. Now is the time to begin reconnecting to your breath for a science-endorsed, empowered, calmer and happier life. FEES: House Visits: Email Cheska for a quote at Full Price: UK: £150 / EU: €175 / AUS: $280 Equity / Musicians Union Discount / Student: UK: £130 / EU: €151 / AUS: $242 Contact Cheska for more information or to book.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule: Full refund: 1 week before. 50% Refund: 48 hrs notice. No refund: 24hours or less notice.

Contact Details

+44 (0) 779-228-3353

London, UK

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